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We came together with a group of women waiting for transformation to write their own stories for productive women who did not dare to reveal the colors and skills in their lives and

We set out as ISTANBUL ERGUVAN Women's Cooperative...

It was prepared by our talented and hardworking women .



  • Financial Literacy and Money Management is actually one of the competencies that every individual should have. Unfortunately, since this education is not taught to us in schools, we remain ignorant of these issues in the country, and generally in countries with low financial literacy, the rate of manipulation increases and people are more likely to be deceived.

  • Our need for Financial Literacy actually starts from the first moment we meet with money. In other words, our relationship with money begins when we start receiving pocket money in primary school. Students, working people, retired people, those with savings, etc., all need financial literacy from 7 to 70. Because you need to manage your own budget, income, expenses, expenses and investments. The main goal of financial literacy education is to instill this awareness in the whole society.

  • The aim of this course is for anyone who has no knowledge of finance and investment, or who has basic knowledge and wants to improve themselves, who wants to manage their money, make a budget, plan their future and improve themselves in investment, save and reduce their expenses, and change their spending habits. It will make you intermediate level financial literate and raise your awareness in this area. In this way, you will change your perspective on money and the world of finance. Remember, the rich also leave their children with the ability to manage money outside of their wealth, because they have been educating their children accordingly since they were little. If you don't know how to manage, hold and increase money, you will eventually lose money, so it is more important to manage it than money.


Financial Literacy Education

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