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It is the awakening of nature in spring, the resurrection, coloration and fertility of the soil, Redbuds in ISTANBUL...

It is the tree of life, according to some, and the tree of the world, according to some, blooming not only from its dry branches but also from its trunk.​

As everyone knows, red flowers bloom in different colors that do not resemble any color, including purple and pink tones...

Three or four colors are not enough to create their colors. It is necessary to mix many colors. With its magnificent appearance, fascinating smell and colors; symbolizes life, order, change and beginning...


They have an important place and different stories in every society. We came together with a group of women to write their own stories for productive women who are waiting for transformation and who do not dare to reveal the colors and skills in their lives.


We set out as ISTANBUL ERGUVAN Women's Cooperative...​​

#kadindayanişma #handmade #kadinkooperleri #elemegi

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