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We came together with a group of women waiting for transformation to write their own stories for productive women who did not dare to reveal the colors and skills in their lives and

We set out as ISTANBUL ERGUVAN Women's Cooperative...

It was prepared by our talented and hardworking women .



Welcome to our pre-accounting applied training course. The aim of the course is to explain the logic of pre-accounting to employees or business owners who have no knowledge or who are just starting out. For this reason, the course content and the program have been kept as simple as possible. While preparing the pre-accounting applied training course, the applications that are already used were taken into account. Pre-accounting practice training has been prepared by taking into account the requests frequently encountered in job interviews or job postings. You will learn the preliminary accounting information you need as an employee or business owner. The content of the course; We start with the definition of accounting. After defining the important points and the important points of the waybill and invoice processes, we learn how to issue the waybill and invoice by making transactions with examples. There is also a separate section for VAT calculations, which you will need when issuing invoices. In the following sections, we get information about how to do Stock follow-up operations, Current follow-up operations, Cashier follow-up operations, Bank follow-up operations, Check and promissory notes follow-up, respectively. In the last section, we will consolidate the transactions by making records in the accounting program with a sample monograph. By downloading the demo program that we will make the application, you will be able to practice on your own. When you complete the course, you will have learned basic accounting procedures. A resource that you can look back at when you need to practice will be ready and waiting for you. I hope the course will be beneficial for you and your life.


Pre-Accounting Education

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